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Taking Care of Spaces That Need Thorough Cleaning

Living spaces that have been left unattended and not taken care of end up deteriorating with time, becoming a hotspot for filth, bacteria, odour and mould to grow. This is especially common in abandoned homes, hospitals and factories. But why is this a threat? 

Many times during the process of vacating the space, people tend to leave behind belongings that are either difficult to dispose of or they simply don’t know what to do with them. Once left behind, these objects are left unattended and there’s absolutely no care or maintenance leaving. The lack of care and regular maintenance eventually makes those items hazardous and a threat if attended without following safety precautions.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning Services

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Expert And Professional Clean Up For Hoarding

Often due to certain physical or mental limitations, people are unable to care for their properties. Dust, dirt and filth continue to grow to create conditions that are favourable for the growth of various bacteria, viral infections and even pests. Bio Clean Melbourne offers top-notch cleanup services that clean up hoarding for those who are unable to take care of their properties. Heavy duty trash bags and storage boxes are used during the operations. Our experts are trained in odour removal and disinfection and come prepared with the gear, equipment and suits to deal with this situation professionally.

Why Do You Need A Professional For Hoarding Cleanups?

Aside from abandoned house clean up and squalor clean Melbourne services, Bio Clean Melbourne also offers biohazard clean up, deceased estate cleaning, trauma cleaning, after death clean and remediation, mould fire and flood remediation, property disaster clean up and repairs, deep clean and COVID surface cleaning services. Our services expand to cover bio clean Melbourne, bio clean Geelong, bio clean Ballarat, bio clean Bendigo and bio clean Mornington needs.

We offer COVID surface cleaning for residential as well as commercial spaces. 

The Need for Professionally Cleaning Out Abandoned Houses

Squalor clean in Melbourne and abandoned house clean up requires professional undertaking. These spaces are full of belongings that have been left in conditions and time we aren’t aware of. Touching them carelessly and without knowledge can be hazardous for health.

At Bio Clean Melbourne, we offer professional squalor clean Melbourne and abandoned house cleaning services that are done by professionals who have years of experience dealing with properties that have years of filth, dirt and other contaminants in them. Cleaning abandoned houses all by oneself is a risk considering the toxins that could be in the surroundings (including the air). These contaminants can put your health at major risk. Professionally cleaning abandoned houses takes expertise, experience and training. 

Bio Clean Melbourne's Team of Squalor Clean Melbourne and Abandoned House Clean up Experts Ensure to:

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The abandoned property is a storehouse of furniture, rotting thrash and thus, germs and infection. These properties have a high market value when it comes to buying and selling, but in the condition that they are, they will not attract buyers. It is essential that these properties be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected in order to turn them into livable spaces once again. It is best if this is left to the professionals as the property may have toxic substances, germs, bacteria and rodents and if the appropriate gear is not worn during the procedure, there could be repercussions.

Bio Clean Melbourne performs cleaning of an abandoned house by: 

  • Assessing the property to identify the pests that have infested the area, and get rid of these
  • Decluttering the space to remove any debris
  • Checking of the electricity and the plumbing
  • Decontamination of the area
  • Disinfection
  • Intensive cleaning of the rooms

While hoarding is a tendency that many exhibit, if uncontrolled it can turn into a full-blown mental health condition and worsen over time. Hoarders have a tough time parting with possessions even if they haven’t used these in the recent past and are not going to any time soon. Such people have a perceived need to save the said possessions and this means that as time passes by, the number of things keeps increasing until they find themselves in need of professional assistance. A hoarder attitude leads to a squalid environment. The situation is a risk to the hygiene and sanitation conditions, as pests begin to thrive in the area. Thrash builds up. There is also a risk to physical health and safety, due to the unsanitary conditions. Bio Clean Melbourne professionals are trained and equipped to deal with a squalor situation. The experts possess training in this regard and wear the appropriate gear and equipment while they assess a home that is a victim of hoarding.

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  • Eco-friendly products
  • Trained biohazard clean up professionals
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