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The need for trauma cleaning is always a sensitive issue and must be dealt with by trained professionals. The trauma scene has body fluids and contamination that is considered a bio-hazard and can be infectious if adequate care isn’t taken. Note that these contaminants, fingerprints and body fluids are recognised as bio hazards.

Bio Clean Melbourne experts are trained to handle suicide and trauma cleaning in Melbourne. We also handle removal, deep cleaning, decontamination and restoration of the property. It can be difficult to make decisions during times when you are at the loss of a loved one. Keeping the essence of the situation in mind, our team does the cleaning while being respectful to the surroundings.

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Suicide is a situation no family and friends want to be in. It is complicated and a whirlpool of emotions and physical stress. Having to clean the site can be immensely stressful while also exposing you to biohazards such as body fluids, bacteria and other contaminants. These biohazards can be dangerous and must not be dealt with by oneself.

Bio Clean Melbourne provides trauma cleaning services that are carried out by professionals who are trained to handle sensitive situations such as suicide trauma cleaning. We follow protocols strictly and adhere to any special instructions that have been issued. Understanding the complexities involved, our biohazard clean up experts will wear protective gears and only eco-friendly products are used. 

What We Clean During the Trauma Cleaning Melbourne Process

Aside from after death clean and remediation, Bio Clean Melbourne also offers biohazard clean up, deceased estate cleaning, trauma cleaning, squealer and abandoned property clean up, mould fire and flood remediation, property disaster clean up and repairs, deep clean and COVID surface cleaning services. Our services expand to cover bio clean Melbourne, bio clean Geelong, bio clean Ballarat, bio clean Bendigo and bio clean Mornington needs.

We offer COVID surface cleaning for residential as well as commercial spaces.

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A trauma event could be a death in the home, a suicide, murder or any crime scene that evokes a shock response. For the immediate people in the area, the scene can be devastating but at the same time, it is essential to tend to the scene as soon as possible, as this is a storehouse of germs and infection. Various microbes such as Hepatitis B, MRSA, and bloodborne pathogens find areas of trauma a suitable space to thrive due to the conducive environment. A trauma cleaner is a service that is in charge of restoring the area to its natural state, by safeguarding the evidence to hand over to the authorities, using enzymes and reagents that dissolve the blood and fluids and deodorise the space. The entire site is treated with solutions of antimicrobials to prevent the growth and spread of other pathogens. In case the degree of the crime scene is violent, complete sterilisation of the area will be needed before any activity can resume. 

A trauma scene can involve anything right from chemical leaks to tear gas, to homicides, suicides, or the spill of hazardous material. Following a scene such as a violent crime or an accident, the scene is one of destruction, and horror and until the area is cleaned and restored following due protocols, nothing can be done. Trauma cleaning is the activity of sanitising such an area in the most thorough and professional manner, using industry level reagents, enzymes, and high technology machines to get rid of the odour of stale blood. Trauma cleaning is a type of biohazard cleaning that involves discreet and compassionate services during an event of trauma. A meticulous and intensive approach is used during the process to get rid of any and every infectious particle. Along with this, techniques of deodourisation and disinfection are also employed.

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  • Eco-friendly products
  • Trained biohazard clean up professionals
  • Decades of experience in bio cleaning
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