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In these difficult emotional times, we do our best to be respectful to the family and close ones involved and use the utmost decretion to assist in the clean-up process.

All About Deceased Estate Cleaning Services Melbourne

Cleaning up a deceased relative or friend’s house can be strenuous emotionally and physically. It gets especially difficult if trauma or suicide is involved. Bio Clean Melbourne offers professional deceased estate cleaning services in Melbourne that’s quick and leading disaster management specialists. 

Aside from death, hoarding is another reason many families seek professional clearing out deceased estates services. Oftentimes, hoarding degenerates over time and can be a buzzing hotspot of contaminants and infection-causing fluids and bacteria. It is never advised to take it upon oneself to clean an estate.

Bio Clean Melbourne consists of trained professionals who are trained to undertake even the most complicated deceased estate house clearing and cleaning jobs and end them with perfection. We understand it can get difficult for you but rest assured our team is always considerate and careful about the estate during the cleaning.

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Why Hire Bio Clean Melbourne Deceased Estate Cleaners?

Oftentimes. The relatives of a deceased member of the family find it difficult to decide if they should take matters into their own hands or call professionals. While we understand the emotions and attachment to a deceased person’s living space, it is always encouraged to call for professionals. In unfortunate events of suicide, trauma or crime, the scene is of utmost importance as any foreign contamination can pollute the site resulting in loss of evidence.

Bio Clean Melbourne has a team of trained deceased estate cleaners who bring years of experience and consideration to the site when a job is assigned.

How Bio Clean Melbourne Provides Adequate Deceased Estate Cleaning Services Melbourne When its Time

Aside from after death clean and remediation, Bio Clean Melbourne also offers biohazard clean up, deceased estate cleaning, trauma cleaning, squealer and abandoned property clean up, mould fire and flood remediation, property disaster clean up and repairs, deep clean and COVID surface cleaning services. Our services expand to cover bio clean Melbourne, bio clean Geelong, bio clean Ballarat, bio clean Bendigo and bio clean Mornington needs.

We offer COVID surface cleaning for residential as well as commercial spaces.

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Cleaning a home after a loved one’s passing away is not easy. There are so many things to be done, including clearing up the space and sorting through the legalities. You do not have to go through this emotionally taxing process alone. While you reel from the emotional loss, leave the cleaning to the professionals. 

Cleaning a deceased estate includes:

  • Sorting through the paperwork and if the space is one that has experienced hoarding, the professionals will clear the clutter first. Any pests and rodents will be seen to
  • In case trauma has occurred within the house, bioremediation measures will be taken for the same
  • Disinfection and sanitation will be done
  • Odour removal techniques will be employed

When it is a loved one that you are grieving, it is difficult to sort through the belongings and decide what to discard and not, as these have sentimental value. Let the professionals step in

The cost of cleaning the home after your loved one is no more, goes way beyond a simple rate. There is so much grief involved in the process itself, that a simple price tag cannot do justice. At Bio Clean Melbourne, we understand this and thus offer packages tailored to fit the requirements of your home that you would like to clean. The packages include the cost of decluttering the space, sorting through the belongings while treating them with the highest form of regard, disinfecting the home and in case of hoarding and abandoned houses, we will see that the house is scanned for thrash and pests. The cost of cleaning depends upon the size of the home in square feet and the intensity of the cleaning that is required. Once you place an enquiry, our experts will get back to you with the quote. 

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    Don't touch anything!

    Call Bio Clean for professional and quick cleaning!

  • Eco-friendly products
  • Trained biohazard clean up professionals
  • Decades of experience in bio cleaning
  • Quotes based on sites