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Bio Clean Melbourne is a leading biohazard clean-up company that offers professional site (residential and commercial) at affordable prices. Our team of biohazard clean up experts have decades of experience in handling the cleaning of contaminated sites. We ensure adequate cleaning of the site using eco-friendly products and commercial strength cleaning equipment. Be it decontamination or be it the restoration of the site, Bio hazard clean up Melbourne handles every situation tactfully and professionally.

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We understand the gravity of situations relating to a crime scene or other biohazard scenes and while we are quick to act, we are always respectful of the surroundings and maintain professionalism. Our team of biohazard clean up experts are trained to handle sensitive situations well. With decades of experience, rest assured of quality clean up.

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Aside from bio hazard clean up, Bio Clean Melbourne also offers after death clean and remediation, deceased estate cleaning, trauma cleaning, squealer and abandoned property clean up, mould fire and flood remediation, property disaster clean up and repairs, deep clean and COVID surface cleaning services. If you have been looking for a hazardous waste cleanup near me, Bio Clean hazard clean up

Melbourne is just one phone call away! Hazardous material clean up can be time-consuming and requires skills that come with years of training. Our team is highly trained and equipped to handle contamination situations professionally. If you have been looking for a bio hazard clean up company, Bio Clean offers bio clean Melbourne, bio clean Geelong, bio clean Ballarat, bio clean Bendigo and bio clean Mornington services.

We offer COVID surface cleaning for residential as well as commercial spaces.

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The clearing of potentially infectious materials that can pose harm to humans is called biohazard cleaning and this must be undertaken by professionals. The kind of substances that come under biohazard cleaning is that of an accident site, blood spilled, toxins, a chemical leak, an after-death clean up or even in cases of hoarding. Along with ensuring that people are kept away from the scene, the duty of the experts is to also sanitise the area, remove any odour that may be present and disinfect the place. 

While handling dangerous material, the appropriate suit needs to worn along with other preventive measures. Thus, biohazard cleaning cannot be undertaken by just about anyone but needs a certain degree of meticulousness. Certain enzyme solutions are employed during the process as these can speed up actions such as dissolving blood, removing debris etc. While tending to such a site where trauma has occurred, it is also important that a certain degree of respect is given while handling the material around. 

Forensic cleaning is often done post a tragedy or accident. In this case, the biological material needs to be removed from the site as quickly as possible and no human contact should be allowed. This kind of cleaning is reserved for situations wherein the home is contaminated with biohazardous material or a leak that is harmful. If blood has been spilled, there is the chance of the build-up of bloodborne pathogens such as MRSA, Hepatitis B and C etc. The cleaning of such a site is best left to the experts.

A forensic cleaning involves the team establishing three zones. The control zone is the space where the clean up occurs. The buffer zone is where the equipment is worn before stepping into the control zone. The clean zone is where the equipment is stored. This precise way of operation is followed in order to minimise the risk during the process and prevent cross-contamination. 

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    Don't touch anything!

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  • Eco-friendly products
  • Trained biohazard clean up professionals
  • Decades of experience in bio cleaning
  • Quotes based on sites