Professional Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Melbourne

Fire Damage Clean up and Smoke Damage Cleaning for Safe Living and Insurance Claims

Fire Damage Clean-up and Smoke Damage Cleaning

In an unfortunate event of fire damage, clean up is one of the top priorities to investigate the cause of the fire breakout, damage caused and if there are any casualties. Be it a small fire or a massive breakout, fire damage cleaning is risky and should always be taken up by professionals. Smoke damage cleaning on the other hand requires cleaning soot and smoke from furniture, wall, floors, ceilings etc to ensure no residuals are left behind.

Bio Clean Melbourne offers fire and smoke damage restoration in Melbourne using eco-friendly products and highly effective fire and smoke cleaning methods. With years of experience, our experts identify spots that need more attention during the cleanup and areas that need to be restored partly or completely. Additionally, we not only focus on cleaning but on removing odour as well from the site. We use high-quality smoke damage cleaning products to prevent smudges or residuals 

Upon completion of fire damage clean up and smoke damage cleaning, Bio Clean Melbourne issues complete reports for insurance claims.

How Bio Clean Melbourne Conducts Top-notch Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Melbourne

Fire and smoke damage restoration is usually performed in layers to eliminate debris, damaged items, potential injury-causing items and stains & odour.

Here’s how Bio Clean Melbourne exerts conduct fire and smoke damage restoration:

Step 1

Site inspection to determine the magnitude of the fire outbreak and smoke density. This way, our experts will know what to expect when they are nearing the site for fire damage restoration smoke cleanup. We also conduct site assessments to identify the point of origin of the fire. We also identify areas where smoke contamination will be dense leading to soot and residuals deposition 

Step 2

Creating an action plan is a next step to the process of fire clean up services. Once the areas have been identified, our experts get down to cleaning. We also ensure to make the area safer by identifying any other factors that may lead to a fire. Our team of fire damage clean up experts remove damaged furniture and other items for proper deep cleaning and analyse damage on floors and ceilings to provide an accurate estimate for the fire and smoke damage restoration and cleaning

Step 3

We focus on removing the source of the odour and any other potent item that can be dangerous to the environment. We use high-quality smoke damage cleaning products that remove smoke residuals, soot and odour. Industrial strength equipment is used for smoke damage cleaning and during the process, our experts will clean the surface in layers to prevent odour resurgence. Once completed, the next step to the smoke damage restoration process is to identify items that must be disposed of with great care to prevent contamination and items that can undergo  restoration cleaning

Step 4

The first step in the fire damage clean up is to remove furniture that is in bad shape and separate items that can have any harmful effects on health or the environment. Once we have removed such items, our experts get down to cleaning surfaces of floors, walls and ceiling to remove traces of fire burns. During this process, we use a mix of products meant for deep cleaning and removing stubborn stains. We may also consider polishing surfaces to remove any carbon depositions that might have happened due to the fire 

Step 5

Once our team confirms the completion of fire and smoke damage cleaning, the final step to the fire and smoke damage restoration process is restoration cleaning which involves detecting any flaws in the site, the need for rebuilding floors, ceilings or walls and the extent of damage items have incurred. During this stage, we may also look at the conditions of electrical wiring, water supply and other essential connections that are needed to reoccupy the site

How Bio Clean Melbourne Conducts Top-notch Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Melbourne

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Aside from fire and smoke damage restoration, Bio Clean Melbourne also offers biohazard clean up, deceased estate cleaning, abandoned house clean up and squalor clean Melbourne services, after death clean and remediation, mould fire and flood remediation, trauma cleaning Melbourne, property disaster clean up and repairs, deep clean and COVID surface cleaning services. Our services expand to cover bio clean Melbourne, bio clean Geelong, bio clean Ballarat, bio clean Bendigo and bio clean Mornington needs. 

We offer COVID surface cleaning for residential as well as commercial spaces.

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Frequently asked questions

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Following a fire in the home or office space, the following should be done: 

  • A mild soap or detergent can be used to get rid of the soot from the walls. Trisodium phosphate can also be used along with a household cleaner and some warm water. Gloves must be worn while using this solution to clean
  • While washing the walls, work your way up from the ground to the ceiling in order to avoid any streaks 
  • Repainting must only be done when the walls have completely dried
  • Liquid household bleach should be used along with water and the walls should be wiped to prevent the growth of mould

Bio Clean Melbourne has a team that is experienced and trained in cleaning the home and limiting the damage following a fire situation. Extreme precaution needs to be taken during the process, as toxic fumes could still be present and cause breathing disruptions. 

In order to start cleaning a house that has been affected by a fire, it is more important to be prepared with the right equipment and gear. Following a fire, the remnants of ashes and smoke can cause you distress in breathing and leave you feeling dizzy, as you are unable to get enough oxygen. 

The first step in cleaning a fire damaged house is to secure yourself with safety gear. This prevents the fumes from reaching you. Once you are done, open the windows, ventilate the rooms and see to it that the fumes escape. The next step in the procedure is to wipe the walls with a solution of trisodium phosphate and household cleaner. The solution eliminates the stains and once done, the walls are left to dry. It is best to leave fire damage control to the experts. We come prepared to deal with the situation on hand and secure your belongings as quickly as possible. 

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  • Eco-friendly products
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