Why black mould removal is so important in Melbourne!

black mould removal

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The Black Mould

Moulds can in some cases cause skin irritations, respiratory problems and even allergies. In the worst case, mould can be fatal as well due to the toxins they produce. These toxins usually enter the body through the respiratory tract and can affect organ functions severely if not treated on time. It is noteworthy that not all moulds are life-threatening and can be removed easily using specialised methods and techniques.

Although moulds can be found in different colours, what makes them a biohazard is the presence of mycotoxin (Latin for fungus poison), a chemical substance that is produced by moulds that can be hazardous to living space occupants. So, while Bio Clean focuses on black mould removal in Melbourne, we also specialise in cleaning all types of mould. Additionally, our experts are trained to handle any on-site deep clean Melbourne needs to ensure a clean and safe environment for you to live in. 

Where do Black Moulds Come From?

Moulds flourish in the presence of moisture. This makes any space in your house that is frequently exposed to moisture susceptible to mould growth. Waterlogging is another reason for mould development that can be avoided by repairing pipelines, leaking roofs and even getting flood cleaning and redemption done as soon as possible. 

To prevent moisture-induced mould from growing, keep checking your bathroom, roofs and washing areas. Swimming pools are another spot where mould and algae can grow due to moisture. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that you are able to detect mould growth. Alternatively, it is always an option to call Bio Clean for deep clean Melbourne

Why Mould can be Dangerous for Health?

Moulds hide in spots and places people usually don’t care to look at. Be it under cabinets of the washbasin or behind furniture. You can be spending time getting treated for allergies or toxins despite living a healthy and clean life. While moulds aren’t usually dangerous and can be cleaned off by oneself, it is highly advised not to do so due to the risks of ingesting toxins. Aside from allergic reactions, skin irritation and respiratory problems, moulds can also trigger certain skin conditions. In fact, moulds can also cause asthma issues.

Can I do the black mould removal in my Melbourne home myself?

Removing mould may seem like a simple task that you can do yourself but it is always advised to seek professional help due to the health hazards involved. Bio Clean Australia is a leading service provider for deep clean and black mould removal in Melbourne. We provide thorough and professional cleaning to ensure that mould and identify reasons for their growth in the first place. Once we have successfully removed the mould, we even recommend measures to prevent the resurgence of mould.

So if you are looking for professional mould cleaning, Bio Clean Australia is one call away! 

How I Can Check of Mould in My House?

  • Check for clustered developments and spots particularly in areas that are moist, damped and away from heat
  • Experiencing allergies, asthma attacks and skin rashes
  • Waterlogging, moisture presence, absence of adequate ventilation and accommodation of unattended wood, paper and food items

How to manage mould? How to prevent mould development?

  • Clean your living space on a daily basis
  • Pay special attention to bathrooms, wash areas, kitchen and cabinets around them
  • Get your property annually inspected for leaks
  • Seek only professional help for flood cleaning and redemption
  • Ensure water drainage systems are in place
  • Use of dehumidifier
  • Using air filters to prevent mould from reaching the respiratory system

Strictly avoid these activities to prevent mould growth

  • Clean mould ridden area using high-quality products that are meant for mould cleaning
  • Do not use bleach
  • Get leaking pipes repaired
  • Avoid placing carpets, rugs and doormats in the bathroom
  • Don’t leave wood, newspaper and books unused for long periods of time

How do I know I have to mould related health issues?

Mould related health conditions are usually diagnosed through blood tests and skin prick tests.

A blood test can confirm the presence of antibodies in the bloodstream as a response to mould allergies or toxins.

A skin prick test uses a needle to prick on the skin. A rash, bump or skin breakout will result in case of an allergic reaction.

What are the symptoms to be aware of that reflect mould allergies?

Symptoms of mould reactions/exposure can show in:

  • Skin irritation
  • Itchy, watery or red eyes
  • Sore throat
  • Wheezing or coughing

What to do when you are not sure about black mould removal in Melbourne?

Call the experts!

Moulds can pose health issues that can get serious. While there are many steps you can take to ensure mould doesn’t grow into your living space, in case you are falling sick repeatedly despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle, chances are, mould development in your living space can be hampering your health. 

Bio Clean is a Melbourne, Australia based bio cleaning company that offers deep clean services in Melbourne and black mould removal in Melbourne. We use only eco-friendly products that are high-quality and super-effective.

Got mould troubles?

Let the experts take care of it! Call Bio Clean Australia today!

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