What is Included in A Deep House Cleaning

deep house cleaning

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After a trauma, you may want to go in for a deep clean of the apartment and you are absolutely right in doing so

The first question that many have when it comes to a deep house cleaning is when exactly should it be done. Should it be part of your cleansing routine that you do every other month, should it be done only in times of trauma, or is it fine to go in for it as a safety measure annually. 

The answer is not objective, but rather factors in your lifestyle and requirements. There is no rule in the book that dictates that you should get such a thorough scrubbing of the apartment or the space you reside in only when matters get out of hand. 

It is your abode and you decide when you need it to be made better. 

What is a deep cleaning of the house? 

As the name suggests, the task refers to an efficient and professional survey done where rubbish is discarded, materials dealt with in a safe biohazard way in the case of trauma and clearing done in an attempt to make the space more livable. 

What does the service include? 

In contrast to regular ways of clearing the home, this technique differs in the sense that it addresses areas beyond what meets the eye. 

The solvents used in the process are aimed to deal with microbial infestations and give the space a fresh vibe. 

The service includes the following: 

  • Hard-to-reach places such as window ledges, the faucets, showerheads
  • Disinfection of the trash can 
  • De-greasing of appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves
  • Scrubbing of the hood vent
  • Tiles and grout are cleaned with industrial-level solvents 
  • Mould is got rid of in the bathrooms
  • Shower panels are cleaned
  • Rooms are de-cluttered 

How is a biohazard deep clean different? 

Bio Clean Melbourne is a company that addresses biohazard requirements. Death can be difficult to deal with and while you grieve, it is our responsibility to restore the living space. 

After a death or trauma situation, the area absolutely needs a thorough and precise scrubbing. Pathogens that have infested the area and been attracted to blood, need to be eliminated. Materials that have bodily fluids need to be disinfected and there is also the risk of contracting infections being exposed to these organisms. 

Our experts come prepared with the necessary gear and suits. The highest standard of service is provided by the team and you can rest assured there will not be any lack of meticulous action. 

A home in which death or destruction has taken place bears with it a certain nostalgia and fragments of the incident. The experts aim to restore the home to normal condition, by removing anything that has marred this state. It also enables the people in the home to feel safer as the constant looming worry of being in proximity to pathogens or germs is not there. 

We can help! Call upon the experts!

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  • Eco-friendly products
  • Trained biohazard clean up professionals
  • Decades of experience in bio cleaning
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