How long does a deep clean take?

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One thing that the pandemic taught us is to take sanitation seriously. If not cleaned regularly, our homes and workplace can become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. The threat of contracting severe illnesses is everywhere. Want to know more? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Who doesn’t like coming back to a clean home? Nobody! A germ-free environment is beneficial in many ways. Humans don’t understand that bodily fluid, dirt, and dust can be more dangerous than we think! Therefore, maintaining hygiene becomes all the more critical. Other reasons that signify its importance are- 

  • Kills germs- Our immune system can get severely affected by constant exposure to germs. Luckily, we can kill 99% of bacteria through proper cleaning. 
  • Better sleep- Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping on clean sheets after a long and tiring day. The amount of sleep you get decides your overall attitude for the day. 
  • Reduced allergies- It is no secret that allergies can hinder your daily tasks. Due to layers of dust, they may become intense. This will ultimately require medical supervision. Thus, a sanitised home prevents allergy-producing agents from breeding inside the house.
  • Improved AQI- Air Quality Index of a house is responsible for ensuring an allergen-free environment. However, bad AQI can trigger asthma and other breathing issues. So, maintaining pure air throughout the home becomes necessary.

Despite knowing the benefits of a healthy environment, humans tend to delay the process. This guide will be your motivation to maintain a disinfected home. 

The cleansing process can be a challenging and tedious task. Not everyone likes to clean. This is why companies and agencies who are passionate about the job exist. They are staffed with people who are clean freaks and work labouriously to achieve standards. Also known as professional cleaners, they are trained to perform any type of cleansing. Isn’t that amazing?!

Have you ever heard about the concept of deep cleaning? We have the necessary information that you were looking for! Keep reading. 

Deep cleaning: All questions answered

If you are a clean freak, then you know the significance of this process. As we discussed above, human beings seem to have a love-hate relationship with the procedure. However, understanding this concept in depth is vital. 


This method of cleaning is unlike the conventional one. Deep cleaning aims to clear deep grime and dirt on a surface. It is not a scientific term and can mean differently to people. Although, Covid-19 has made it essential for everyone to guard themselves against contagious viruses. This is probably one characteristic that is common in deep cleaning. 

Wiping down surfaces, sanitising areas, vacuuming the floors, and mopping are some of its practices. This is a long chore and is done overnight or on weekends.

You might be wondering whether you can do it yourself. Yes, it is a DIY task. Usually, people seek the help of professionals to carry out deep cleansing methods. This is so because they know the ins and outs of the job. Moreover, they have access to equipment and chemicals needed for quality results. In addition to that, due to massive popularity and increased competition, this service is now available at pocket-friendly prices. 

Studies describe that 8 of 10 Australians get their homes deep cleaned by a professional once a month. It ensures that everything is spot on and nothing is left unattended. 

Deep vs Regular: Which one to choose?

Both the processes are vital in their own way. Regular cleaning is something that needs to be conducted daily. On the other hand, an in-depth cleanse should be performed twice a month because of the time it takes. 

However, in situations like biohazard disasters, the death of a person, or even fire damage, the latter should be chosen. Therefore, the most viable option depends upon the situation that you are in. 

How much time does it take to perform deep cleaning?

The time required depends upon the size and complexity of the house. Although, if performed by a professional will take between 3 to 12 hours if performed by a professional. It also depends on your cleaner’s strategy to carry out the process. For instance, in the case of a home-

  • Bedroom- If your bedroom has been frequently disinfected, it may take up to 1 hour. If the room is not maintained well, it alone may take 2 to 3 hours to clear the mess. 
  • Bathroom- This is the place with a lot of moss and algae build-up if not looked after properly. Thus, a minimum of 1 hour is essential for thorough hygiene. 
  • Living room- Due to the bigger space, an expert takes 2-3 hours to wipe the whole place properly.
  • Kitchen- We all know that kitchen is the heart of a house. It is full of cabinets and drawers used to store utensils and eatables. This can also become a breeding ground for rodents. Therefore, 2 hours is required to clear the kitchen of any germs to assure sanitation. 

The above example describes that deep cleaning is a lengthy procedure that takes longer than usual. 

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