Everything You Need to Know About After Death Clean and Remediation

After Death Clean and Remediation

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The death of a close one is always difficult to handle. Deciding to clean a deceased member’s living space should be avoided at all costs. The site is often ridden with disease-causing bacteria and body fluids like urine, saliva, sweat and water that is realised by a body after death. These contaminants are recognised as biohazards and they can be a threat if not dealt with adequate care. Don’t be a biohazard carrier! Call Bio Clean Melbourne for rapid and professional After death clean and remediation services.

This blog explores what happens before and after death clean and remediation has taken place and why you should totally avoid performing the cleaning and remediation all by yourself. 

What Happens Before an After Death Clean and Remediation?

The human body maintains itself through continuous organ function cycles. When a person dies, their heart and other organs stop working, cutting off muscles and skin oxygen, nutrition and even hormones that keep them supple. The stoppage of oxygen supply puts stress on cells and they begin to break down. The temperature of the body begins to drop as well till room temperature is reached. When the muscles receive no oxygen supply, they begin to relax rapidly, releasing feces and urine. 

The muscles also experience calcium build-up causing muscle and joint stiffness. The skin dries out rapidly and begins to shrink giving the illusion of nail growth or hair growth at times. At times the skin will look pale with blood spots due to gravitational pull on the blood that’s no longer flowing in the body. Nearly 36 hours after a person’s death, the stage of rigor mortis is reached.

If weeks have passed since the death, the body begins to smell like cadaverine or putrescine.

Around this time, maggots may appear and they will begin to digest the human body. Meanwhile, bacteria and viruses too can start growing on the body.

All About After Death Clean and Remediation and Why Hazard Clean up Melbourne Home Remedies Won’t Work 

Once the body has been found and the cause of death has been identified, the body is usually taken for further processes including the funeral. While you may think the visiting doctor, the police or the forensic expert might have taken care of the body, the truth is they will not. They are only responsible to find the body, prevent any foreign contaminations and assess the reason for death (natural or trauma). Once the reason has been identified, they will leave and you may have to take matters into your hand as required. 

The decomposition of a body is influenced by the following factors:

  • The area of the room
  • Weather conditions
  • Cause of death (natural or trauma)
  • Hours the body has been left unattended

While you may consider hiring a helping hand to clean the surfaces or decide to make use of the DIY hacks from the internet, the reality is ~ these methods won’t work. Regardless of how many hours you spend cleaning and scrubbing the site, it still won’t be enough. 

As the body seizes to stop working, it releases every ounce of fluid, solid waste, retained water and becomes a host for maggots, bacteria and even viruses that are identified as biohazards. By coming in contact with these, you are putting your health and well-being at stake.

Additionally, the presence of these biohazards makes it impossible for any home remedy to work. That’s why it is always best to seek professional hazard clean up Melbourne help!

After Death Clean and Remediation Process

Using the right equipment: Biohazards are potent and can be life-threatening if not dealt with adequate care. Bio Clean Melbourne is a team of professionals who have years of experience performing after death clean and remediation processes. Our team comes in wearing protective gear including personal protective equipment, goggles, face masks as per the universally prescribed protocol, gloves and a respirator (if needed).

Removing biohazard: This stage is crucial and critical since it involves removal of the body and any biowaste from the site including blood, body fluids and biological waste of any kind. It is crucial to get rid of contaminated objects as well including mattresses, carpets, furniture and anything else as well. This step is essential as anything with traces of the biological waste left behind can contaminate the surroundings causing bacteria and viruses to grow.

Complete Sanitisation of the Site: Once contaminants have been removed from the site, another crucial step that follows is sanitisation of the area where the body and biological waste spread. At Bio Clean services Melbourne, we use highly qualified chemicals that are specifically meant for killing broad spectrum bacteria and disables the growth of viruses. Our team of experts use chemicals that are meant for cleaning both, critical sites as well as non-critical sites. Our experts are careful down to the minute details and we always move in the inward direction during cleaning to retain bacterial spread as much as possible. During the clean-up process, we make it a point to use disposable gear and cleaning equipment to retain transmission of any sort. 

Getting Rid of the Odour: As the body decays, it starts emitting odour due to the rotting of organs, muscles and tissue. The odour usually spreads and may get trapped in curtains, cushions and even sheets if any. While the majority of objects that come in contact with the body are thrown, the rest of the living space is usually sanitised using industrial strength deodorisers. Bio Clean Melbourne understands that it can be emotionally and mentally stressful for people to move in after their close one has died. Our cleaning and deodorising methods are highly effective and usually don’t leave any residuals. In case you sense a lingering odour, it is highly advised to call experts for a quick site check-up and odour analysis. 

Why Call Bio Clean Melbourne for After Death Clean and Remediation?

Bio Clean Melbourne has been providing top-notch bio clean services in Australia for decades now. Our team consists of experts who have extensive experience in handling after death clean and remediation services. Additionally, to ensure that the site is ready for reoccupation as early as possible, our team acts quickly whenever a request is made. We use only industrial-grade equipment and products to ensure hassle-free after death clean and remediation.

We understand losing a member of the family is difficult and our experts deal with the site strictly following protocols and being respectful at all times. 

Bio Clean Company Melbourne – We are there when it’s time 

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