10 Reasons You Will Need Professional Deceased Estate Cleaning Services in Melbourne

deceased estate cleaning

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Why you shouldn’t do it on your own

Losing a close one is emotionally and mentally stressful and it may take some time to get past the trauma of not having them with you. While many relatives and friends decide to take up the deceased estate cleaning upon themselves, it is highly advised to not take it upon oneself and instead call for biological cleaning services in Melbourne. The site is usually left unattended for days and might hold biofluids from the deceased person’s body which are identified as biohazards. These biohazards can be carrying bacteria and viruses that can cause even life-threatening diseases. 

If you are looking for deceased estate cleaning services in Melbourne, Bio Clean is a leading service provider for biohazard cleaning, trauma cleaning, deceased estate cleaning services, bio deep clean and mould clean services Melbourne.

We understand the need to declutter the deceased loved ones property but it is always advised to go for professional deceased estate cleaning services as not only they are thoroughly done using high-quality products but also because the cleaning experts are professionals and respectful of your surroundings.

This blog explores 10 reasons you will need deceased estate cleaning services in Melbourne and why you should hire Bio Clean for deceased estate cleaning services in Melbourne. 

10 Reasons You Will Need Professional Deceased Estate Cleaning Services in Melbourne

  1. Presence of biohazards: Also known as a biological hazard, consists of biological substances that can be a threat to humans. 

Types of biohazards:

  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Fungus and spores
  • Pathogenic microscopic organisms
  • Bio-active substances
  • Toxins from biological sources

These substances can cause infections in the body that can be fatal in some cases. Additionally, inadequate disposal of biohazards can cause environmental contamination. It is best to call bio cleaning experts Bio Clean always ensure added security in your living space. Our experts wear the necessary protective gear to prevent contamination from travelling outside the living space.

2.. Home remedies and everyday scrubbing aren’t enough: It may seem feasible and practical to use everyday cleaning products to scrub stains and residuals away but here’s the truth, these products are effective on regular stains and residuals but not for biohazards. On the surface, it may seem clean and ready for reoccupying. The truth is, enzymes, body fluids and other biological residues may still be presiding on the surface. Bio Clean experts use high-quality cleaning products that are meant for biohazard cleaning. Moreover, we use industrial-strength equipment that is meant for cleaning off biological wastes from the site.

3. There can be legal matters involved: Natural deaths aren’t investigated but if your relative or friend died under suspicious conditions, chances are legal procedures will be involved. In such a condition, once the necessary investigations aren’t done, it is advised highly to not get into cleaning as cleaning can contaminate evidence. Once the site has been completely investigated, it is best to call bio cleaning services for deceased estate cleaning services in Melbourne. Bio Clean closely follows protocols for cleaning such a site and we are always careful to use products that are eco-friendly and safe. Additionally, our experts have years of training in cleaning such sensitive sites

4. It can be emotionally stressful: No one ever gets past the fact that they have lost a loved one. And having to clean the space they spent their final moments can be an emotional whirlpool. Bio Clean offers trauma cleaning and deceased estate cleaning services in Melbourne that adequately covers the living space’s deep cleaning needs. We are always respectful and considerate about ourThat’ surroundings. Additionally, we dispose of hazardous waste responsibly. And in case we find objects that require your review, we inform you about it

5. Calling professionals for unclaimed after death clean-up: Bio Clean understands the significance and importance of deceased estate cleaning. That’s why even if you are looking for an after-death clean-up of someone who isn’t related to you, we will still take the jobs after verification and do the cleaning

6. We have the right training to handle situations like this: Be it mould clean Melbourne requests or a biological cleaning request, Bio Clean has been offering flagship services for decades now. Our team is made up of experts who have handled sensitive matters in the best possible professional way. We understand the gravity of the situation and are always on the move to ensure that your bio clean requests are being met with utmost expertise. As a promising bio clean company in Melbourne, expect only high-quality services at quotes that are exclusive to the area to be cleaned

7. Here’s what is included in deceased estate cleaning services Melbourne:

  • Body Decomposition Clean Up
  • Natural Death Restoration
  • Trauma Biohazards

Biological waste can be potent and might cause fatal health issues in living beings. If you are struggling to figure out what needs to be done to the property to prevent damage from overspreading, it is best to call experts instead of taking matters into your hand. Any iota of biological matter (including blood, organs, saliva, enzymes etc) left behind can contaminate the area and cause odour and filth to grow 

8. A biohazard site has a biome of its own: A dead body releases toxins, body fluids, stool, urine and even sweat once all the organs have stopped working. Once the body has been left unattended for more than 36 hours, maggots may start eating up the body. Another bizarre thing that happens when someone dies and has been left unattended for hours, the organs may begin to digest themselves. This results in a rotten and unbearable odour surrounding the area where the body is. Additionally, the body stiffens up and becomes brittle. Brittle enough to break if hit accidentally even with the slightest of force. This can ruin evidence

9. Bio deep clean is crucial when it comes to deceased estate cleaning:  A will usually decides who gets the property and legacy items once a person dies. If the living space is inherited by any member of the family, the next step is to get the whole area professionally bio-deep cleaned to prevent any bacteria, infection or toxins from spreading. Additionally, the property is abandoned for long can be home to many bugs and other living creatures making it unsafe to clean by yourself and occupy. Bio deep clean ensures that the property is ready for occupancy without having to deal with the whole cleaning process oneself

10. It’s a responsible decision:  Death is difficult to deal with. And having to clean a deceased family member’s living space can be overwhelming emotionally. Calling professionals at this moment is the best thing to do considering they don’t have any emotional attachment to the property and a bio clean company in Melbourne can help without putting any stress on you. Bio Clean offers flagship bio deep clean Melbourne services with quotes that are tailored exclusively for the site. Don’t take matters into your hands. Let the expert take care of everything

Bio Clean Melbourne – Offering Flagship Biological Cleaning Melbourne Services 

Deceased estate cleaning is difficult and risky. If you have recently lost someone to death, it is best to call for professional cleaning services instead of deciding to clean the area yourself. At Bio Clean, we understand that times are difficult for you and it can be emotionally and physically wrenching having to clean the site yourself.

Bio Clean is always respectful and professional during the process and we keep you informed about the progress. When we leave, we ensure that the property is ready for occupancy. 

Contact Bio Clean for efficient deceased estate cleaning services in Melbourne. 

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