Why Choose A Professional Bio Hazard Cleaner?

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Though you should let a professional handle each of those situations, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to clean up water damage or mould. But we strongly advise against getting your hands dirty when it comes to biohazard cleanup operations. DIY cleaning techniques could help you save a little money, but this case is subject to dangers […]

The Ultimate Guide To Biohazard Cleaning

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What Is Biohazard Cleaning? A biohazard or a biological hazard is a dangerous or contaminated substance that can threaten your health. Biohazards may include pathogenic microorganisms, toxins, viruses or bacteria that can be present in many situations. In places where industrial or clinical waste is involved, such as hospitals, laboratories, industrial settings and even restaurants, […]

How long does a deep clean take?

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One thing that the pandemic taught us is to take sanitation seriously. If not cleaned regularly, our homes and workplace can become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. The threat of contracting severe illnesses is everywhere. Want to know more? Let’s discuss this in detail. Who doesn’t like coming back to a clean home? […]

Why Are Meth Lab Cleaning Services In Melbourne Crucial?

Meth Lab Cleaning Services Melbourne

When it comes to meth house clean up, professional help is necessary. If you tested your property for the residue of this hazardous substance and the preliminary findings came back positive, you should leave immediately to protect your health and make plans to clean up any drug residue before returning home. Living in a property […]

How Much Does Forensic Cleaning Melbourne Cost

Crime scene cleanup otherwise trauma or biohazard cleaning Melbourne is the process carried out in various kinds of scenes such as homicides, suicides, etc. There can be different reasons behind these accidents such as unattended deaths, lab accidents, and several others.  So, how does a conventional cleaner differ from a forensic one? For more extreme […]

How Do You Perform Mould Cleaning From Ceiling Before Painting

The term “mould” refers to a variety of fungi that love to develop in high-humidity environments and on food. The most likely places to look are the walls and ceilings of bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and window frames, especially in poorly ventilated regions of the house. Ceiling fungi removal is a difficult task that will take […]

What Is Bio-Clean Used For


Bio-Clean Australia offers cleaning services is to clean, sanitise and deodorise the site wherein a suicide, a violent crime, a death or a biohazard incident had taken place. This sort of deceased estate cleaning is not something every other person can do as it requires a lot of attention and must be performed with care. […]

What is Included in A Deep House Cleaning

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After a trauma, you may want to go in for a deep clean of the apartment and you are absolutely right in doing so The first question that many have when it comes to a deep house cleaning is when exactly should it be done. Should it be part of your cleansing routine that you […]

How much does it cost to clean up a dead body

Clean up a dead body

Death is a subject hard to deal with, but having the right professional service take care of things can make it easier for you The death of a loved one can be painful to deal with and the world seems to change after you experience such a great shock. However, there are certain legalities and […]

Deceased Estate House Cleaning Services

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Hoarding, unsanitary conditions and a trauma site need specific and meticulous attention. Here’s what you should know Death is not easy to process and no matter how dear a loved one passes away, there is always space needed in which family and friends grieve. Oftentimes people live by themselves and when they pass away, they […]

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  • Eco-friendly products
  • Trained biohazard clean up professionals
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